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Staffing Services

For 20 years, corporate building services has provided superior staffing services and temporary employment opportunities to a wide range of clients and workers. From temporary staffing, to part-time and full-time staffing solutions, cbs provides employees for all types of manual labor positions. Some of the positions we fill on a daily basis are:

• hotel staffing 

• housekeepers 

• stewarding

• banquet servers 

• prep cooks 

• houseman 

• laundry  

• engineering 

• day porters 

• manufacturing/production personnel 

• food plant sanitation workers 

Included in the comprehensive staffing services provided by cbs is extensive recruiting, screening, interviewing and reference checking - we take the staffing headaches off your hands, leaving you with easy and efficient staffing solutions.  Our staffing solutions have successfully helped fill 98.5% of the client temporary staffing requests we've received since opening our doors.Over the years, cbs has gained a competitive edge in the part-time, full-time staffing industry by establishing a true employer/employee relationship with the dedicated personnel we employ. This relationship allows cbs to provide clients with the reliable workforce and consistent performance they expect from a leader in temporary employment services. All our clients have access to audit our hr and payroll processes at their convenience and for their peace of mind.Whether you need one or two members to get you through a busy week or you'd like to staff an entire department, cbs is ready and able. Give us a call at 972.506.7770.

Marble Polishing & Restoration

At corporate building services, we maintain marble floors by dust mopping, backpack vacuuming, and damp mopping on a daily basis. Polishing natural stones such as marble and granite is one of our specialties. Over the past ten years we have perfected our techniques in maintaining natural stone floors that bring out their natural high polished shine. Our technicians have been trained to use only those products manufactured specifically for each type of floor. Many people believe that a high-gloss shine requires that expensive floor-finishes be applied to the floor. Most smooth surface stones such as granite, marble, and travertine can be maintained at a high level of reflection and beauty without using wax or floor finishes.We also specialize in marble restoration. We are a certified 3m authorized applicator of 3m marble-maintenance and floor-restoration products.  We can resurface vanities, tables, bar tops, bathroom counters, and floors to restore the natural color and beauty.  Surface restoration will bring back the clarity of the reflection with outstanding shine and depth.  Restoration also cleans the grout lines in stone floors.  After restoration, stone is protected with a chemical (rather than a wax) that fuses with the surface of the stone, protecting it from staining and elemental wear.To learn more about how we can help you with your marble cleaning and restoration, please call us at 972.506.7770.

Industrial Cleaning

At corporate building services, we're highly experienced in industrial cleaning and sanitation. We've worked with countless firms in manufacturing, service, distribution and other levels of the supply chain.We thoroughly clean all industrial spaces, including manufacturing floors, equipment, common areas and more. Our staff members are trained with safety in mind and we carry extensive insurance.Most of our industrial cleaning also includes janitorial services in adjoining offices, break rooms, bathrooms and other common areas.To learn more about how we can help you with your industrial cleaning needs, please call us at 972.506.7770.

Retail Cleaning Services

From small retail stores to 2,000,000 square foot shopping malls, there’s no retail cleaning task that corporate buildings services can’t handle. We provide staffing for discreet cleaning during business hours and trained crews for overnight cleaning. Our retail cleaning include some of the following:

• floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)

• surface cleaning, including glass (counters, display cases)

• thorough dusting (racks, displays)

• restroom sanitation (sinks, toilets, counters, floors)

• changing room cleaning, including mirrors

• trash receptacle emptying

• more

To learn more about how we can help you with your retail cleaning needs, please call us at 972.506.7770.

CoRporate Campus Cleaning Services

Large corporate campuses present unique cleaning challenges that corporate building services is highly experienced in solving. We can assemble virtually any size of cleaning staff to perform nightly, weekly or even monthly services - as minimal or in-depth as you need. Our thorough and trustworthy staff is experienced in the sensitivities of cleaning private offices and pays special attention not to disturb important paperwork or the specificities of each employee's work environment habits.  Communcal campus areas are cleaned and disinfected expertly. We proudly offer the following services, and more, to corporate clients:

• floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)

• surface cleaning (desks, counters, tables)

• equipment (printers, fax machines) dusting/cleaning

• break room and kitchen cleaning and sanitation, with attention to food sanitation standards

• restroom sanitation (sinks, toilets, counters, floors)

• trash receptacle emptying

• more

To learn more about how we can help you with a corporate campus of any size, please call us at 972.506.7770.Click on the image above for a brief video overview of corporate building services.

Let our team be part of yours! Corporate building services, inc.

Warehouse Cleaning

At corporate building services, we have an extensive history in cleaning warehouses and distribution centers. We utilize some of the most powerful and thorough cleaning equipment available, including maximum psi power washing units.We exhaustively clean all warehouse spaces, including conveyor belts, forklifts and other equipment as specified by our clients. We pay special attention to instructions regarding merchandise in the warehouse which is not to be disturbed.Most of our warehouse cleaning also includes janitorial services in adjoining offices, break rooms, bathrooms and other common areas.To learn more about how we can help you with your warehouse cleaning needs, please call us at 972.506.7770.

Food Service Sanitation

Corporate building services’ food sanitation services are extensive. We’ve been cleaning and sanitizing restaurants, clubs and other dining locations for over 50 years. We maintain up-to-date expertise in food service sanitation codes, including cleaning and sanitizing temperatures, concentration levels of chemicals, equipment and much more. Our food sanitation services include, but are not limited to: in-depth, routine plant cleaning acid washing of equipment floor cleaning overhead and ceiling cleaning airveyor cleaning and sanitizing monthly foaming equipment cip maintenance-- conductivity calibration chlorine analyzer calibration chemical usage tracking reports.To learn more about how we can help you with a single dining room, hotel dining operation or even a regional chain of restaurants, please call us at 972.506.7770.

Restaurant Services

Corporate building services’ restaurant services include virtually all cleaning and staffing tasks needed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Services include: guest experience guest and employee safety food safety health department requirements. The following are just a few of the many reasons over 40 restaurants and 25 hotels partner with CBS for their facility cleaning needs:

• CBS will develop a cleaning program for the specific needs and goals of your restaurant. We are able to dynamically manage a system of cleaning that will enable your company to focus on what you do best – creating and serving spectacular cuisine.

• We have experienced teams of cleaners managed by industry-leading supervisors throughout the Central United States. Our restaurant clients include steak houses, high volume upscale dining, 5-star hotels and more. Our cleaning programs also vary - from polishing dining room marble floors and wood wall to cleaning windows and restrooms, we do it all.

• For many of our clients, we thoroughly clean and sanitize kitchens from floor to ceiling, including equipment. Others only require minimal services such as floor and drain cleaning.

No matter what your restaurant’s cleaning needs, you made the right choice in Corporate Building Services.

Hotel Cleaning

Corporate Building Services has provided superior hotel staffing since 1954. We work with hotels and resorts of all sizes – from small boutiques to 300+ room AAA 4-Diamond hotels. Our experienced hospitality personnel include positions in:

• FOH Cleaning

• BOH Cleaning

• Room Attendants

• Housemen

• Laundry

• Banquets

• Stewarding

• Prep Cooks

At CBS, we take the hiring and managing hassles out of your hands and provide you with carefully screened, highly-qualified staff. Our pool of competent staff is wide so you’ll never be caught off guard by multiple, simultaneous absences. Most of our staff is bilingual and you can always specify if you require a bilingual member.

Best of all, our hotel cleaning and staffing programs are seamlessly employed in your facility, so guests are unaware of our participation in the program. To talk to someone about your Hotel Cleaning and Staffing needs, please call us or email today.